You print one.
We’ll plant one.1

PrintReleaf Certification empowers you to sustain and grow our global forestry system…one print job at a time.

PrintReleaf is proud to join the trillion trees movement.

By subscribing to PrintReleaf, your reforestation impact is part of PrintReleaf's pledge to plant 10 million standard trees by 2030.

Lexmark Partners With PrintReleaf to Offer Automated Sustainability Program

In support of its commitment to innovative and sustainable imaging solutions, Lexmark has partnered with PrintReleaf to offer customers an automated sustainability program focused on reforestation. Through PrintReleaf, Lexmark customers can now reforest their paper consumption by planting an equivalent volume of trees in certified forestry projects around the world.

Xerox Partners with PrintReleaf to Help Customers Reach Sustainability Goals

Xerox managed print services (MPS) customers will have the opportunity to contribute to the reforestation of global forests through Xerox’s new partnership with PrintReleaf. Based on a theme of “you print one, we’ll plant one,” PrintReleaf leverages paper usage reporting and equates the number of trees needed to reforest that usage on an equivalent basis in geographic areas of need.

Toshiba Introduces PrintReleaf Reforestation Program

To build upon its commitment to maintain a more sustainable planet, Toshiba America Business Solutions has become an authorized distribution partner of the PrintReleaf Exchange

Is Your Favorite Magazine PrintReleaf Certified?

Now it can be through our new partnership with Publication Printers.

27,665,230,051 letter pages
137,969 tons of paper
3,319,960 standard trees
4,532 standard trees
planted / day

PrintReleaf is a Certification System and Software Platform for Automated Global Reforestation


PrintReleaf measures your company's paper consumption over time.


We calculate how many trees were harvested to produce your paper consumption.


Your paper footprint is automatically reforested at planting sites of your choice.

Certificate Verification

Verify a PrintReleaf Certificate by Entering the Transaction ID

Example: 'TX_C0515E4FF051'

Measure Your Footprint

Measure your paper footprint over time. Paper consumption data is automatically updated and converted to trees using the PrintReleaf Standard.

Learn more

Choose Your Forests

Explore our network of global reforestation projects and browse project profiles. Select your favorite forests, and your footprint will automatically be releafed at those locations.

Browse projects

Track Your Progress

With each transaction, your Lifetime Certificate is automatically updated to reflect your growing reforestation impact across PrintReleaf’s network of global reforestation projects.

Environmental and Social Impact Built For Scale


Our innovative patented technology and engaging user experience is the first of its kind.

Environmental Restoration

Reforestation provides environmental and ecological restoration where the planet needs it most.


Third-party certification, verification, and auditing performed by our certifying body, SGS International.


Reforestation projects provide new jobs to uplift communities and local economies where we plant trees.

Positive Recognition

Social integrations provide automated promotion to partner and customer social media channels.


Completely automated, end-to-end integration from printer to seedling with no software to install.

“PrintReleaf has been a great tool for SanMar to help us minimize our environmental impact and work toward our sustainability goals. It has proven to be an easy-to-use, verifiable way to reforest our paper consumption and make a difference in supporting forestry partners and their projects around the world.”

-- SanMar Corporation

“PrintReleaf has shifted the way we feel about paper waste. It’s a great feeling to know that the way we do business at VPR can actively affect global reforestation.”

-- Laurie Kigonya, Vermont Public Radio

“For Lake Michigan Credit Union, we take advantage of every opportunity to reduce or eliminate our printing. However, within the financial services industry many printing jobs cannot be avoided. PrintReleaf offers a unique opportunity to offset our required printing. We appreciate that the process is automatic, yet also allows us to direct the allocation of our trees if we so choose. We recommend PrintReleaf for any business seeking a legitimate and effortless sustainability solution.”

-- Lake Michigan Credit Union

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