The World's First API for Automated Reforestation

Programmatically reforest your company's paper consumption where the planet needs it most.


Exchange paper consumption for trees in realtime. You send us your raw paper consumption data, we analyze it, and certifiably reforest the equivalent number of trees at the reforestation project of your choice.


Deposit paper consumption regularly to your PrintReleaf account to be automatically reforested at the end of each month. Choose where your trees are planted from our network of global reforestation projects.


Integrate PrintReleaf into your estimating, quoting, point-of-sale, or print monitoring software for simple and automatic transmission of your paper consumption data into PrintReleaf.

Certified Reforestation

Your paper consumption is certifiably reforested at our network of global reforestation projects. Each transaction is independently certified, verified, and audited by our certifying body, SGS International, a leading international forestry auditor. From planting to verified survival, you can track the progress of your forests over an 8-year period.