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PrintReleaf forms the center of a network of many partnerships across forestry, technology, and business. From a forestry perspective, PrintReleaf aims to partner with expert reforestation organizations whose mission aligns toward significant social and environmental impact. From a technology perspective, PrintReleaf aims to partner with industry leading software companies capable of integrating with our platform to provide idata we can, in turn, make actionable through reforestation…and turn into future biomass. From a business perspective, we aim to partner with market leading companies who share a passion for the environment and a progressive concern toward advancing environmental stewardship in partnership with their customers.

Collectively, PrintReleaf’s mission is to harness the power of partnership and technology to deliver global social and environmental impact…at scale.


Deforestation is outpacing reforestation at an alarming rate, i.e., a ‘soccer field every 1.2 seconds’ (WRI). Climate change, rise in GHG emissions and global warming are emerging concerns. PrintReleaf exists at the intersection of these global environmental issues to deliver real tangible value to our partners, their customers, and the world through leading edge cloud-based software, transparent certification and verification, new job creation, social media marketing automation, and turn-key integration….all packaged into the worlds first platform for automated global reforestation.


Our impact is only scratching the surface. Our mission to deliver value will determine our impact. Every day we plant trees at an increasing rate (currently about 8 trees per minute). As our rate of reforestation increase so does our rate of job creation…so does our rate of economic growth in areas of the world where both the social community and natural environment are most positively ‘impacted’. We work every day toward increasing our rate of reforestation and, in turn, exponentially multiplying…our impact.