Reforestation Project

Project Overview

Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
Tree Species
  • Pedunculate Oak
  • Maritime Pine
Project Status
complete (2023-12)
Forestry Partner
One Tree Planted

About The Project

We support forestry projects on land provided by private or public landowners, with help from a network of experts, forest managers and technicians who guarantee the sound management, quality and monitoring of the projects over time. The projects selected are covered by a multiyear, documented management plan that establishes the suitability and durability of the action taken to protect the forest.

Projects are selected subject to a precise set of specifications and must meet the essential requirements of the Shared Multifunctional Approach including:

  • Species adapted to the planting sites
  • The creation and preservation of habitats for biodiversity (fauna and flora)
  • Preservation of the CO2 contained in the forest soils 

The restoration of this degraded forest ecosystem will promote the development of a rich and varied biodiversity, encouraged by the presence of several wetlands which improve water retention. Project is located in an area with a probable risk of drought.

Regenerating a degraded forests, with this method will enhance the quality of their eco-systemic services, including the regulation of the water cycle. Several plantings are located in an area with a probable level of drought risk.

Forests cover almost 31% of French territory and play a crucial environmental, social and economic role. The French forest captures 15% of French annual CO2 emissions and is home to 72% of the country's flora.

Although there is no real deforestation in Europe, the temperate forests are degraded:

- 40% of tree species are threatened with extinction in Europe.
- 20% of forests are affected by hazards (storms, fires, insects, diseases) in France every year.
- 500 insect species and fungal pathogens that affect the French forests.
- 50% of French forests will be exposed to a high risk of fire by 2050.

This project will bring a multitude of invaluable services for the climate, the environment and for citizens.


This project qualifies for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click each goal to learn more.

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