PrintReleaf Support

Uploading Deposits by CSV

The following guide will walk you through the steps required to batch upload manual deposit volume for many customers at once.

  1. Navigate to Deposits from the main menu.
  2. Click Upload Deposits from the top-right menu.
  1. Download the CSV template.
    This template will include a row for each of your customers.
  1. Open the CSV template on your computer.
  2. Modify the CSV template.
    Update the pages columns for each of the customers you wish to enter volume for.
    The "pages" column is the total page count that should be entered for the customers.
    You may delete rows for customers you do not wish to enter volume for, or leave the pages columns as 0 to ignore that row.
  3. Save the modified CSV template to your computer.
  1. Select the Deposit Date for this upload. All customder deposits in the CSV will be applied to the same date.
  2. Upload your modified CSV
  3. Click Upload