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Sustainability software that automates environmental offsets: global certified reforestation and carbon offsets for businesses who rely on paper and fiber-based materials.

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Sustainability as a Service

Environmental offsets for the print and packaging industries

PrintReleaf is the industry leader in automated environmental offsets. If your business prints on paper or uses fiber-based materials, PrintReleaf enables you to offset your environmental impact through certified reforestation and carbon offset projects.


PrintReleaf collects your paper consumption data via automated integrations or by streamlined manual monthly data transfers.


Your paper consumption is analyzed to calculate how many trees were harvested and how much greenhouse gas was emitted for the paper consumed.


PrintReleaf automatically plants trees in certified global reforestation projects and / or offsets the carbon associated with the production of the fiber-based materials.

Trusted sustainability partner for these brands

American Red Cross
Cornell University
British Airways
Procter & Gamble
HCA Healthcare

Global Impact

Letter Sheets Offset 61.5B
Tons of Paper Reforested 307K
Standard Trees Planted 7.38M
Std. Trees Planted / Day 8,241

Certified Reforestation

The print industry's premier platform for automated, certified reforestation. Our customers sustain and grow the world’s forestry system to offset the paper and fiber-based materials they consume.

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Verified Carbon Offsets

Work toward a more carbon neutral business for a cleaner, brighter future. By offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your paper and packaging footprint, PrintReleaf’s Verra Certified Carbon offsets address your scope 3 carbon emissions.

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Seamless Technology

Automatically turn consumption into environmental offsets

Our technology enables companies to reforest and offset the carbon for paper and fiber-based products they use every day. We accurately measure a customer’s consumption, then make it actionable. Companies can choose an automated integration or report their data manually. Next, they select their preferred offsets, and track and share their progress with stakeholders.

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Engaged for the planet, and in the industry.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand our own sustainability efforts. We're pleased to share that we are a 1% for the Planet Business Member Partner. This means we will donate at least 1% of our sales revenue to support a network of local environmental non-profits working to better our communities and our planet.

1% for the Planet member Member
Dscoop Member
Sustainable Packaging Coalition Member

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If you’re in the printing or packaging industries, you know how much paper and fiber-based materials matter. Sustainability is increasingly vital for businesses. Let's discuss how PrintReleaf can support your business, add value to your customers, and benefit the planet.

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