Turnkey Sustainability Solution For Managed Print Services

PrintReleaf calculates the forest impact and carbon emissions relating to each customers’ paper consumption, and provides certified environmental offsets in the form of reforestation and carbon offsets to achieve net neutral or net positive impact on the environment.

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Fully Automated

Use PrintReleaf's integrations to connect your print monitoring software and start measuring and offsetting your paper consumption automatically.

Operationally Scalable

Whether you print a few hundred pages or several million pages each month, our solutions fit your business.

Cost Effective

PrintReleaf offers competitive volume-based pricing, saving you up to 68% with our custom plans. Whatever your consumption volume, our sustainability solutions offer an easy step toward more sustainable business.

Unlimited Scope

No company is too small or too large to grow their sustainability impact with PrintReleaf, and more and more customers are asking for sustainable options.

Biomass + Carbon Offsets for MPS

PrintReleaf’s automatic reforestation program was originally developed for Managed Print Service providers, offering additional value for customers, increased engagement, and a path for more sustainable printing. Now MPS providers can add carbon offsets to increase their positive environmental impact, quickly and easily.

Biomass Offsets

Plant trees in certified global reforestation projects to offset the paper consumed in office printing.

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Carbon Offsets

Offset the Scope 3 carbon emissions associated with the paper used, with verified carbon offsets.

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Reduce, Reforest, Reuse, Recycle.

Make your investment in sustainability count

Certified Net-Positive Environmental Impact

Reducing paper consumption is an important first step, but we know that business still require office printing. PrintReleaf offers MPS providers and their customers the opportunity to easily track their paper footprint and automatically replant trees equivalent in amount to the number used to produce the paper used. New trees planted in certified global forests for conservation and restoration, and are audited for survivability. This results in a net positive environmental impact from your paper consumption. Similarly, carbon emissions associated with the paper production can be offset with Verra Certified Carbon Offsets, ensuring the highest level of credibility.

Powered by integrations

Automatically Sync Your Paper Data

PrintReleaf integrates with popular print monitoring software to securely and reliably sync paper consumption data for your entire fleet into PrintReleaf, automatically.

Connecting an integration is simple. You configure the details, we take care of the rest.

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Sustainability Dashboard

Each customer has access to their PrintReleaf dashboard where they can select their favorite projects, download certificates, track their progress, and more.

Project Selection

Combine biomass and carbon offsets, and select from projects around the world to choose where and how to make an impact.

Environmental Impact Certificates

Customers receive a certificate for each offset issued, as well as Lifetime and Annual certificates that are continually updated.

CSR Reporting

Reporting your environmental sustainability commitment and progress is important for your stakeholders to understand your investments.

Public Profiles

Easily share your sustainability progress and positive environmental impact with your public-facing PrintReleaf Profile and the PrintReleaf Partner Directory.

Social Media Kits

Your guidebook for how to engage with your customers and networks to show the good you’re doing.

PrintReleaf Sustainability Plans

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  • Biomass offsets equivalent to paper consumption
  • 350,000+ sheets monthly allowance
  • Flat-rate cost per sheet
  • Basic reforestation project locations

Carbon Offsets

  • Fixed-rate cost per sheet
  • Limited carbon offset project types

Contract Term

  • Month-to-month
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Greater Impact


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  • Biomass offsets equivalent to paper consumption
  • 1+ Million sheets monthly allowance
  • Volume-based cost per sheet
  • 40%+ Savings over Starter Plan
  • Expanded reforestation project locations

Carbon Offsets

  • Discounted bundled offset pricing available
  • Limited carbon offset project types

Contract Term

  • Annual
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  • Biomass offsets equivalent to paper consumption
  • 10+ Million sheets monthly allowance
  • Volume-based cost per sheet
  • 60%+ Savings over Starter plan
  • Custom reforestation project locations

Carbon Offsets

  • Discounted bundled offset pricing available
  • Custom carbon offset project types

Customer Service

  • Dedicated customer service representative

Contract Term

  • Multi-year
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Sustainability Solutions for MPS Provider Sets Them Apart From the Competition

Learn How PrintReleaf Helps Fleet MPS Stand Out for All the Right Reasons

“PrintReleaf's innovative [sustainability] technology allows us to offer our customers something new and exciting to complement our excellent service. This has helped us to build even greater relations with our customers making us both feel positive for the impact we have on the planet.” ~ Ben Calthrop, Managing Director at Fleet MPS

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As a Managed Print Services provider, you understand the significance of paper usage, and embracing more sustainable printing practices is becoming a vital part to doing business. Your customers rely on you to ensure smooth operations. Let's explore how PrintReleaf can support your business, deliver added value to your customers, and help you contribute to a greener planet.

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