California AB 1305

PrintReleaf Public Disclosures

Last Updated: December 31, 2023

The purpose of this document is to publicly disclose PrintReleaf's information related to California AB 1305 with respect to Emissions Claims Disclosures, Disclosures for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Purchased or Used, and Disclosures for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Marketed or Sold.

Emissions Claims Disclosures

PrintReleaf currently sources and resells carbon offets from project developers and authorized brokers with offets registered on the Verra registry, governed by the Verifiied Carbon Standard (VCS) All third-party verification of the carbon offset projects is governed by certifying bodies (CB's) under the VCS.

Documentation for verification is provided on the PrintReleaf website for each unique project:

Disclosures for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Purchased or Used
Not Applicable — PrintReleaf does not make emissions claims in California, buy or use voluntary carbon offsets solid in California, nor participate in California's Cap-and-Trade Program.
Disclosures for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Marketed or Sold

As a reseller of Verra certified carbon offsets, PrintReleaf includes details about each carbon offset project inluding the Standard and Registry under which the projects are governed, e.g., Verra and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). We also include details such as the Project ID number, geographic location for the project site, and documentation on independent validation or verification of the project attributes associated with the emissions reduced or carbon removed.

Additional monitoring and verification details are provided for as available from the registry and reflected on the PrintReleaf website project pages:

Changes to this Disclosure

This Disclosure is subject to revision to remain compliant with local laws and regulations.


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