Reforestation Project

Project Overview

Tongod District, Sabah, Malaysia
Tree Species
  • Tarap
  • Durian
  • Palaquium
  • Dracontomelon
  • Colona Serratifolia
  • Octomeles Sumatrana
  • Sterculia
  • Nauclea
Project Status
Forestry Partner
One Tree Planted

About The Project

Highly degraded forest areas, caused by historic fires and illegal logging, are cleared of invasive grasses and vines. The resultant debris is removed in preparation for the planting of saplings which are grown at a local community owned nursery. The variety of saplings are selected for their tolerance of each site’s soil condition and possible intermittent flooding. Saplings are planted 2m apart at a density of approximately 2,500/ha.

This project is undertaken in areas of protected forest surrounding the Kinabatangan River, East Sabah, Malaysia.

We are located in Lot 6 and have always maintained a positive working relationship with our neighboring community in the village of Batu Puteh. The village supports a local co-operative who are our partners in this long-term project. The co-op provides the supervision and labour to clear, plant and maintain each site. To date this project provides a source of employment for over 15 men and women, where all adopted rates of pay are gender equal and compliant to Malaysia’s Minimum Wage Order.

Our long-term goal is to see this number increase to a minimum of 30 people and introduce additional training and development opportunities for the workforce and local community.



This project qualifies for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click each goal to learn more.

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