Reforestation Project

Project Overview

Vuje, Tanzania
Tree Species
  • Avocado
  • Cedrela odoratoa
  • Grevillea
  • Pine (Pinus patula)
  • Lucina
  • Oak (Quercus suber)
  • Ficus sycomorus
Project Status
Forestry Partner
Plant With Purpose

About The Project

Climate change is felt severely in Tanzania. Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glacial ice cap has been slowly melting for decades with only 20% remaining. Tanzania’s dry climate means that much of the melted ice simply evaporates into the atmosphere.

Streams and rivers from Mt. Kilimanjaro and the nearby South Pare Mountains flow into the Pangani River, which flows to the Indian Ocean. According to IUCN, an estimated three million people derive their livelihood from the Pangani River Basin, primarily from agriculture and fisheries. These livelihoods are at risk due to environmental damage and climate change.

In Tanzania, women and children are among the poorest of the poor. Almost all women in Tanzania earn their income through agriculture, but they do not have the same access to training and resources as male farmers and, as a result, produce 20-30% less food.

Pangani River Basin

Through sustainable agriculture training, partnering farmers in the Pangani River Basin are doubling their crop production. Participants are also restoring this critical ecosystem by planting thousands of trees per year. At the same time, communities are growing in their care for creation and love for their neighbors through a curriculum titled “Redemptive Agriculture.”

The Pangani River Basin is one of the most strategic environmental locations in the world. Located on the perimeter of the Eastern Arc Mountains (part of the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot), this region is home to countless plant, bird, reptile, and mammal species, many found nowhere else in the world.

Also home to this basin, millions of people who rely on this land for food and income. Plant With Purpose is strategically working in watersheds within this important basin.


This project qualifies for the following UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click each goal to learn more.

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