Data Integrations

Integrating PrintReleaf with MPS Monitor

PrintReleaf is partnered with EKM to offer a software integration with Insight to automatically and securely synchronize customer paper consumption data from your EKM Insight instance to PrintReleaf.

Integration Overview

EKM Insight uses the PrintReleaf API to push customer page counts into PrintReleaf on a daily basis. These daily page counts are deposited into the customer’s PrintReleaf account.

At the end of each month, PrintReleaf totals each customer’s paper consumption for that month, equates it to forest impact measured in trees, and issues a Certificate of Reforestation to the customer certifying that their paper consumption has been reforested.

Configuring the Integration

At a high-level, setup of the PrintReleaf/EKM Insight integration involves two parts:

  1. Creating an EKM Insight Integration Token in your PrintReleaf dashboard
  2. Configuring the PrintReleaf integration settings in EKM Insight

Credentials Required

You will need the following credentials to configure the integration:

  • EKM Insight Integration Token: An authentication token that you can generate from the Integrations panel of your PrintReleaf dashboard.

For complete step-by-step configuration instructions, please view the EKM Insight Integration Setup Guide.

Data Security


In transit, all network traffic to and from PrintReleaf’s web servers, data collectors, and APIs is transmitted via HTTPS. HTTP requests are not permitted. At rest, sensitive data (e.g. server credentials) are encrypted using industry standard hashing functions and ciphers.

Personal Data Security & PII

PrintReleaf does not collect, store, or have access to any sensitive or private information about PrintReleaf users or their print activity. For users, PrintReleaf does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – only the user’s full name and email as provided during registration. For more information, please visit PrintReleaf’s privacy policy which outlines this in more detail:

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