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Integrating PrintReleaf with MPS Monitor

PrintReleaf offers a software integration with MPS Monitor, a leading cloud-hosted solution for printer monitoring and print fleet management, to automatically and securely synchronize customer paper consumption data from your MPS Monitor server to PrintReleaf. MPS Monitor provides PrintReleaf with a custom, read-only, secure web API designed specifically for this integration.

Integration Overview

On a nightly basis, PrintReleaf performs a data collection process that connects to your MPS Monitor server, retrieves and processes paper consumption metrics for each of your customers, and deposits the data into the customer’s PrintReleaf account.

At the end of each month, PrintReleaf totals each customer’s paper consumption for that month, equates it to forest impact measured in trees, and issues a Certificate of Reforestation to the customer certifying that their paper consumption has been reforested.

Configuring the Integration

At a high-level, setup of the PrintReleaf/MPS Monitor integration involves two parts:

  1. Registering your MPS Monitor server in your PrintReleaf dashboard
  2. Connecting customer feeds to map your MPS Monitor customers to their respective accounts in PrintReleaf

Credentials Required

You will need the following MPS Monitor credentials to register your server:

  • URL: The web URL of your MPS Monitor server (ex:
  • Dealer Token: Your MPS Monitor Dealer Token (ex: 948c1f04-ac40-4133-85b7-917856f58d45). Contact your MPS Monitor representative to get your Dealer Token.

To register your MPS Monitor server in PrintReleaf, you provide the URL of your server and your MPS Monitor Dealer Token. PrintReleaf authenticates to the MPS Monitor API using your Dealer Token.

Once your MPS Monitor server is registered in PrintReleaf, you can begin registering individual customer feeds that should be synchronized with your MPS Monitor server. To register a customer feed, you supply the customer’s MPS Monitor Customer Code (ex: EA45CEF3D8EF6D0F), Activation Date, and configure the Sync Settings.

The MPS Monitor Customer Code is used by PrintReleaf to identify the matching customer in MPS Monitor.

The Activation Date is the date PrintReleaf should begin synchronizing data for this customer.

In Sync Settings, you have the option to synchronize paper consumption from all of the customer’s devices, or only devices marked as ‘managed’.

For complete step-by-step configuration instructions, please view the MPS Monitor Integration Setup Guide.

Data Collection & Flow

PrintReleaf’s data collectors will attempt to connect to your MPS Monitor server on a nightly basis to retrieve and process customer paper consumption data. Individual customers are batched and synchronized one after another in a serial fashion.

The duration of a data collection is dependent on a number of factors, including current load on your MPS Monitor server, the number of customers to be synchronized, and network latency due to geographic distance to your server. Most individual customer data collections finish in between 1 and 2 seconds.

Customer data only flows from MPS Monitor to PrintReleaf; PrintReleaf never writes new data to your MPS Monitor server.

MPS Monitor Customer Data provided to PrintReleaf

MPS Monitor provides PrintReleaf with a custom, read-only, secure web API designed specifically for this integration. When performing a customer data collection, PrintReleaf calls the Customer API endpoint. This endpoint returns data about the customer's devices, such as management status and current meter counts. PrintReleaf synchronizes the meter data with its own database, calculates the daily deltas, and deposits the page counts to the customer’s account.

MPS Monitor device data fields stored by PrintReleaf:

  • DeviceID: Unique identifier for this device supplied by MPS Monitor
  • Managed: Device management status
  • InitialCount: The initial lifecount on the device recorded the first time it was synced with PrintReleaf
  • LatestCount: The most recently recorded lifecount on the device PrintReleaf
  • LifeCount: The number of pages since syncing with PrintReleaf (LatestCount–InitialCount)

PrintReleaf does not store any other data about the customer or their devices.

Integration Health Checks

PrintReleaf actively monitors the health of your MPS Monitor integration on two levels: the server level and the feed level.

The server health check is performed by attempting to connect to your MPS Monitor server using the credentials provided during registration. Failed attempts to connect will immediately mark the server as unhealthy and will pause customer data collection until the health check passes again.

At the individual feed level, PrintReleaf monitors the flow of inbound paper consumption data. If the feed has not received new data from MPS Monitor in 3 business days, the feed is marked as unhealthy. This often indicates the DCA is stale. When a feed becomes healthy again, PrintReleaf automatically synchronizes data back in time to when the feed became unhealthy, ensuring paper consumption data is never missed.

Data Security


In transit, all network traffic to and from PrintReleaf’s web servers, data collectors, and APIs is transmitted via HTTPS. HTTP requests are not permitted. At rest, sensitive data (e.g. server credentials) are encrypted using industry standard hashing functions and ciphers.

Personal Data Security & PII

PrintReleaf does not collect, store, or have access to any sensitive or private information about PrintReleaf users or their print activity. For users, PrintReleaf does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – only the user’s full name and email as provided during registration. For more information, please visit PrintReleaf’s privacy policy which outlines this in more detail:

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